Providing Improvement for our clients through Data and analytical services, Business improvement consulting and Workflow optimization and automation

Data and Analysis Services

“You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data.” – Daniel Keys Moran. Most businesses understand that they have value within their data, but do Read More..

Business Improvement Consulting

The word “improvement” is used frequently and broadly across most businesses today. And, rightfully so, as businesses seek to continually improve sales, market share, customer service, efficiencies Read More..

Workflow automation and optimization

As organizations grow, it is inevitable that the complexity of processes grows exponentially. As a team of process optimization experts, BizWize is uniquely equipped to provide the right tools of choice to solve your process .Read More..


  • "Automated recons - reduce time spend on Reconciliation and reduce QA errors"

  • “Peace of mind that I know the BizWize people will do what they say they will do and even go above and beyond”

  • “Engagements are well conducted with the delivery of requirements presented timeously. Where there are obstacles, BizWize advised us thereof.”

  • “We were always treated in a professional way, always with a smile:). Our suggestions were never overlooked, in fact it was appreciated especially where it helped to enhance the tool.”

  • “Very impressed with everything that is being delivered and the sense of urgency”

  • “Our emails were responded to with great enthusiasm. The consultant would respond almost immediately and within no time be at our desk to assist.”

  • “They were more friends than colleagues but also managed to get work done and always willing to assist us when in need.”

  • “My staff find the tool easy to use - impressed with the dashboard facility that it offers as they are able to measure themselves”

  • “It saves me 5 hours now where the process used to take up to 6 hours (entire day)”

  • “its exactly what we requested & it makes it easier to train new consultants on the work”

  • “The output of the relationship with them is beneficial to our daily work, they really added value & we can see a tangible difference”

  • “Very professional in their approach, always willing to assist and eager to understand the processes of the business and how they can elevate the business to the next level”

  • “Great support during and after implementation”

  • “In this case they are quick to understand the deliverables and independent enough to continue on their own.”

  • “It was a pleasure to talk to someone who could speak in plain non-technical English yet still deliver a technical solution.”

  • “Before BizWize came in to my area, almost everything was done manually, ever since the introduction of BizWize everything is so easy and quicker than before.”

  • “They could supply our area with the background information that we had no knowledge off.”

  • “They are easy to work with they adapt easily to our work and they give us great results in the end.”

  • “A great team that looks after your interest.”

  • “Professional and willing to make a difference.”

Why we do What we do

BizWize was founded on the following principles:

  1. Relationships matter!
  2. Delivery! Delivery! Delivery! – we don’t just suggest / recommend. We do!
  3. A strong passion for process improvement and data analytic technical skills
  4. Constant drive to improve the way things currently stand
  5. A quest for new knowledge and ideas

These 5 items are the reason we get of bed in the morning and do what we do. We are fortunate enough that our day jobs manage to tick these boxes.

BizWize would not exist today if it were not for relationships. The founders of BizWize were fortunate enough to be presented with an opportunity due to the professional relationships that they had manage to develop through their careers. Thereafter, the entire BizWize team adopted and enhanced this ethos which has resulted in further and continued professional relationships for the business.

BizWize works with people. Sure, there are a few technology tools, applications, etc. used. But, this job requires solutions to be delivered to people. The BizWize team sees this as a major plus. As such, we go out our way to ensure that relationships are garnered while working with our clients.

Our team is solution and delivery oriented. There is no better satisfaction than seeing a client’s eyes light up when their day-to-day lives are improved by a solution that we were fortunate to have the opportunity to deliver.

The individuals at BizWize have enquiring minds that are geared towards solving problems. These attributes work well in our environment as we need to continually improve ourselves, learn new methodologies, technologies, ways of thinking and ideas to ensure that we leave our clients business in a better space.

Finally, our team are deeply passionate about using process optimisation and data analysis to solve problems. These skill-sets (coupled with our other) are at the heart of what we do. Having the opportunity to solve problems provides the perfect platform to practise these on a daily basis.