Our Team

BizWize is a team that has a unique passion for solving problems. Our commitment to our clients (and ourselves) is to never stop creating innovative ideas and ways, to make the lives of our client’s better.

We are a team of Process Engineers, Data Analytics Specialists, Software Developers, Coders, and Business Analysts. Each team member has an entrepreneurial drive. This is core to our innovation.

We have the “technical” skills and tools available to enable our “thinking” skills to deliver practical solutions to move our clients’ businesses forward. We believe that the combination of these skills is where our “mojo” lies

We are prepared to tackle any industry, and any process or data problem. We are also excited to help any client, regardless of size, location and experience

Don’t think small, anything is possible. The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself!

Alwyn Labuschagne

“If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life!”

Brian Nel

Innovation lives in us all. With the right people, attitude, thinking and data we can always leave something better than we found it!

Claudio Dalla Venezia

“I don’t make the rules, I just play the game, Continously pushing the boundaries through purpose and innovation, where learning something new everyday is a constant priority”

Fabio Dalla Venezia

“Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don’t wish it is easier; wish you are better”

George Maholovela

“Just because you are struggling does not mean you are failing, Don’t make excuses make improvements, Sometimes when you follow your dream, it opens the door for others to be able to follow theirs”

Hendrik Germishuys

The key to success for everything in business, science and technology is never to follow the others.

Tshepiso Selepe

Innovative thinkers who strive for constant improvement, able to embrace change and focus on the things that matter are a company’s best sustainable strategic asset. I believe this is an embodiment of the culture at BizWize and the foundation of its current and future success.

Liam Mathieson

“Success is influencing the world with the investment of your personality”

Lusapho Radebe

“The reward of our work is not what we get, but what we are becoming”

Mandisa Bidi

“Technical fit without cultural fit is a misfit. Merged together in the right company and you get quality of service with passion “

Mirella Dalla Venezia

“There are no secrets to success. It is a result of preperation, hard-work and learning from failure“

Rofhiwa Muthivhithi

“A strong will to learn and build doors where it seems impossible is always an advantage.”

Nompumelelo Makhoba

To follow my passions, deliver quality programs and processes. Building successful partnerships. Have high standards in the work I produced.

Phumulani Ndebele

“Be flexible enough to move and change with the times, blend in, learn and excel at all times but never loose a sense of your true self.”

Prudence Rasenyalo

The only thing in life which is constant, is CHANGE !!!

Siyabonga Tebogo

We cannot limit ourselves to continuing on the path we have already opened

Refilwe Thage

“Strive to be in a constant state of creation. Learning to be creative even within the confines of our limitations is the best way to transform ourselves and the world around us! Remind yourself every day of the endless possibilities… then act!”

Tanya Labuschagne

I strive to make a difference where it matters, to effect sustainable change through Cooperation that leads to happy and content people that leads to increased productivity!

Tinus Brandt

“Always reposition your mind to success when the tough gets going, for there is no such thing as failure but what exists in one’s mind”

Yolanda Mbanguzi

“I believe that success is impacting other peoples lives for the better and making the best of opportunities presented as challenges”

Goitseone Khuto

“Learning is everything; even failures can teach us something.”

Yvonne Figueroa