What is Workflow?

There are many definitions and complex terms out there that relate to workflow, such as Business Process Management (BPM), process automation, paperless, digital, content automation, task management and so on. None of them incorrect. However, we prefer to keep the idea of Workflow pretty simplistic for our clients. Simply put, we view Workflow as a technology enabler that assists our clients execute their processes on time at the desired quality.

Perhaps a quick illustration is worthwhile…

John is the owner of a small business handling a team of 15 employees and considers himself to be a multi-tasking wizard. All processes within the company has to go through John.

He tries hard remembering the approvals waiting for him and digs through his emails constantly. He has even tried tracking multiple items on Excel (with complex formulas). John quickly realises that he lacks line of sight in terms of “where” approvals are and which one he should pick up next (priority). It is also apparent that he is causing “bottle necks” in the process, as he has created a key-man dependency. He knows there has to be better way of managing his work. He realises that his time is much more important and could be spent more valuably. His wife Sally, introduces him to workflow automation software, as she has seen the advantages of the solution within the company she works for.

John signs up for cflow and creates his workflow within minutes. He can’t believe that it only requires limited customisation in order to develop a solution that specifically meets the needs of his business. Now, at the click of a button, he and his team can see the overall time it takes to complete their processes and the progress of all items in their processes.

Accountability has increased and John is much more efficient. Every member of John’s team is more efficient, effective and can visibly vouch for the value and change it has brought to the company.

Why cflow?

  1. The list below outlines the benefits and features of working with the BizWize team to design your optimal process and deploy cflow within your business.
  2. Customised workflow (sequence of process steps). The solution is flexible enough to ensure that it meets your specific business needs and processes
  3. Customised rules engine. Your specific business rules will all be catered for through cflow
    Manage process via specific SLA’s (Service Level Agreements). Provide timely calls to actions. Focus on the right things at the right time.
  4. Customised form creation, so that you can capture all relevant information in your process
    Email alert notification with defined escalations. This will ensure that nothing is missed and no balls are dropped
  5. Electronic signature sign-off for audit trail purposes. This moves your business in to a paperless environment.
  6. Dashboard management. This will allow you to visually mange all your team and all your processes. It will further provide you with a capability to identify bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement
  7. Quick time to develop or change workflow which provides you with an immediate return on your investment
  8. Customised document creation such as invoices (PDF, Word)
  9. Multiple approval/authorisation levels, so that nothing is missed and quality is built into your business
  10. Receive actionable insights. This prompts calls to actions, so that client needs are delivered as promised
  11. User analytics/productivity which can assist building Key Performance Indicators for your team
  12. Dashboard Reports and Table Reports are available at the click of a button
  13. Report builder – create unlimited reports
  14. Flexible deployments model – suited to client need):
    • Cloud-based (Deployed on Amazon Cloud)
    • Also available on-premise

Some Workflow Examples

Are you a travel agency busy on the phone with your clients and grappling with invoicing issues?

BizWize Travel Process Automation

BizWize’s Travel Automation solution is ideal for mid-size travel agencies that primarily use email and spreadsheets to track client requests. If you are a Travel Agency on the growth path, take a look at our flexible and fully customizable workflow solution that will help you streamline your operations and improve operating efficiencies. See how BizWize’s process experts diligently automate your business processes using Cflow – Cavintek’s cloud BPM software and enable you to derive benefits that accelerate your business objectives.

Are you a medical office looking to streamline and optimize your billing and collection processes?

BizWize Medical Office Automation

Over the course of a number of interviews with Doctors, Surgeons and Administrative managers at Physician offices, BizWize has internalized the Scheduling, Encounter, Billing and Collections processes and have constructed a flexible and intuitive workflow solution that seamlessly captures all relevant information and enables Management to be on top of their practices.