At BizWize, we are
obsessed with
the things that matter.

Through automating business data, financials and operational processes, we make sure that our clients can now also focus on the things that matter to them most.

Auto Reconciliation & Attestation

Move away from manual monotony and focus on resolving exceptions instead of looking for them.

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Software that enables you to automate your daily processes by getting rid of paper and going digital.

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Data Integration
& Data Quality

Our Platform enables the preparation, integration & governance of your companies data.

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Consulting & Management Services

We combine strategy, technology and management consulting expertise to ensure success for the organization.

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We create sustained value through our packaged solutions, giving our clients ease of use and ease of mind.


Drive efficiency and productivity through the automation of manual time-consuming processes.


Assisted by packaged solutions, it is effortless to add automated solutions and align existing technologies.


Swift deployment through an AGILE Project methodology.


Improve your business through insights and data analytics.


Always Secure and In control of your companies data.


What our clients say…

Peace of mind that I know the BizWize people will do what they say they will do and even go above and beyond?


Engagements are well conducted with the delivery of requirements presented timeously. Where there are obstacles, BizWize advised us thereof.

Standard Bank

We were always treated in a professional way, always with a smile:). Our suggestions were never overlooked, in fact, it was appreciated especially where it helped to enhance the tool.


Very impressed with everything that is being delivered and the sense of urgency


Our emails were responded to with great enthusiasm. The consultant would respond almost immediately and within no time be at our desk to assist.

Standard Bank

Some of our clients

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