How do we know what the client wants? Does the client know what they want?

During the 1970’s the game show Monty Hall, provided statistically minded individuals with an interesting view on perception vs analysis. As seen in the video people’s perception of risk and reward can be quite easily skewed and also be biased due to the fact that we as a species rely dramatically on experience. Statistically it is better to change your option, but using perception you would think its 50/50.

This concept, of perception vs analysis, is quite evident in business in the situation where clients approach you with what they see as their problem. The real question is whether or not solving the initial problem set out by the client actually solves the issue? Have they completely determined where the root cause of their problem is? 

Statistical analysis can provide us with the ability to find the reason for problems that are are not obvious on the surface. A well designed and executed data/statistical analysis provides an objective way to highlight both strengths and weakness within business processes.

It can be a truly troubling experience when you have spent a few weeks resolving the issue that was brought to you only to discover that the actual problem that the client was experiencing has not been resolved. It is intrinsically valuable to ensure that the analysis of the problem is done from scratch and that the root cause of the issue is properly identified so that you truly add value to the client.

When walking into a client proposal meeting always remember the lessons from a 1970’s television show…

Analysis is the key.

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